Monday, September 26th

September 26, 2011
Math: R & P 5-10 Multiplying Three Factors

Science: Workbook pages 30-37


Tuesday, Sept. 20th

September 20, 2011
Math: Factor It Out rows A & B wksht
         Quiz TOMORROW  (factors, multiples, odd/evens, prime/composite, LCM/GCF)

Student Council Election will be on FRIDAY! Students interested in running, must let me know ASAP. You will be required to give a speech (work ethic, behavior, being a good role model). Your speech should not include promises to the class, special activities, etc...

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Monday, September 19th

September 19, 2011
Math: Prime & Composite wksht (both sides)
         QUIZ ON WEDNESDAY (prime & composite,  odd & even, squares, LCM, GCF, prime factorization)

Science: What's The Matter wksht

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Thursday, Sept. 16th

September 15, 2011
Math: Candy Store wksht

Science: The Scientific Method" Vocabulary Power wksht

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Wednesday, Sept. 14th

September 14, 2011
Math: Greatest Common Factor/The Missing Link wksht ROWS C& D on BOTH SIDES  (this is the wksht we worked on in class)
                        Show your work!!!!

Science: Finish page 46 # 1,3,4,5,6,7,8  (link to online book is on Favorite links... make sure you follow the directions EXACTLY as I have them written)

I hope everyone enjoyed the Exploding Mentos today! My clothes and my hands are a little sticky from the diet coke but it was worth seeing your faces like up and mouths drop with wonde...
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Monday, Sept 12th

September 12, 2011
Math:  Go The Distance wksht
    You should be able to do:  #1, 2,4,5
    Try do the others but it's okay if you aren't sure!!

Science: What is the Scientific Method? wksht (both sides)
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Wednesday, Sept 7th

September 7, 2011
Math: P 11-7 (Adding & Subtracting Decimals
      TEST TOMORROW! It will cover forms of numbers (word, standard, expanded), rounding & estimating (whole #s & decimals), adding & subtracting decimals, real life rounding situations

Social Studies: Flip Book due FRIDAY ( if you aren't very far along, get busy!!! Otherwise, you will have time to finish it during your station rotations)
                       Your flipbook should include: shelter, map, & food for each group, COLORED, and labeled

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Tuesday, September 6th

September 6, 2011
Welcome back! I hope everyone had a restful holiday weekend despite the nasty weather.

Tonight's homework:

Math:  Color Coded Costumes wksht
          Place Value unit Test on THURSDAY!

Social Studies: Indian Culture Areas map/crossword wksht ( use the map on the front to fill in the answers to the crossword on the back)

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Tuesday, August 30th

August 30, 2011
Don't forget that tonight's Ms. Grizzle's Curriculum Night! See you at 6:30!

Math: Comparing Decimals worksheet

Social Studies: STUDY for your test
        Review Study Guide
        Go over Vocabulary worksheets
        Re-read Chapter 2

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Monday, August 29th

August 29, 2011
Math:  R & P  11-3 Comparing and Ordering Decimals (complete BOTH sides)

Social Studies:   People of the East/Support for Language Development worksheet
                         STUDY for Test on WEDNESDAY!

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